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Etymotic Home Hearing Test

Etymotic Home Hearing Test

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This will give you access to a reliable and accurate method to test your hearing. Presently, there are not any ways to test hearing in a similar manner outside the commercial or medical environment.

There are however, many types of self-administered hearing tests that are available including smart phone applications and other internet sources. The drawback of these is that they do not use calibrated equipment which leaves room for zero control over test stimuli. This will likely result in inaccuracy and incomplete results.

Differentiating itself from the unreliability and inconsistency, the Home Hearing Test is the same type of test provided by hearing professionals. The Home Hearing Test provides a quality indication as to when hearing should be checked by a licensed hearing professional.  The next step of identifying the cause of hearing loss and its required treatment are not determined.

The primary goal of the Home Hearing Test is to be able to provide quality information to users. This will allow them to take steps toward better hearing wellness. 


  • Test hearing in non-traditional healthcare settings 
  • Check current hearing statuses after varying time or events; especially those that may contain loud exposure such as music concerts, prolonged use of power tools, etc.
  • Aid with family members who need to test.
  • Decipher baseline hearing levels


  • High definition calibrated earphones 
  • USB flash drive (contains the installation program)
  • Eartips
  • QuickStart with installation instructions and FAQs
  • Instructional/informational booklet
  • Precision-matching sound card
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