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Meet the team! 

As a small business, everyone here at ADCO wears many hats. Here are the amazing people that make this company what it is: 

Abby Armijo - President
As a business owner and entrepreneur, Abby focuses on identifying new opportunities and developing strategies around them. Her focus here at ADCO is in building an incredible team, maintaining a product selection that meets every need of our customers, and helping pave the way for ADCO to become the leader in our industry. Contact Abby directly at abby@adcohearing.com


Jim Guiffre- Vice President 
Jim brings a wealth of knowledge as a business owner and CPA. His experience has allowed for ADCO to transform the way we handle orders, order fulfillment and inventory - making your experience as a customer perfect every time. Jim focuses on managing our finances and is always happy to assist with questions about bills, invoices, payments, and anything in between. Contact Jim directly at jim@adcohearing.com


Brant Whitesel - Warehouse Manager 
Brant has been a part of ADCO for many years - well before the transfer of ownership in 2014. His long-time service and dedication offers a thorough understanding of our warehouse processes and product selection, helping to ensure that you always receive the right product as quickly as possible. Brant may be contacted at brant@adcohearing.com, however, due to the nature of his position he is usually running around the warehouse and not in front of a computer. For this reason, please direct any questions for Brant to Sales@adcohearing.com and we will gladly make sure you find the answer that you need. 

 Melissa Lang - Sales Manager
 Melissa joined our team January of 2017 and has helped to transform our customer experience, providing unsurpassed product knowledge and maintaining our retail storefront. In addition, Melissa is our lead account manager for all of our wholesale customers. Please feel free to contact Melissa directly with any questions you may have regarding our product selection, order status or visiting our store in Englewood - melissa@adcohearing.com


 Dina Chatwin - Bookkeeper & Accounting
 Dina joined our team in September of 2018 and offers a strong background in accounting and finance. Dina is the primary point of contact for accounts payable, although she helps out with many different areas here at ADCO. If you have questions about accounts payable or accounts   receivable, please contact Dina directly by emailing dina@adcohearing.com 


Sin Griever - Product & Customer Care Specialist 
 Sin joined our team in January 2019 and has brought his experience in retail and customer service to our already amazing team here at ADCO. Sin is available in the retail store Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm to answer questions in-person, and is also handling many of our   customer phone calls and email inquiries. You may contact Sin directly at sin@adcohearing.com 

 Danny Keathley - District Manager 
Danny joined our team in February 2019 and is dedicated to the growth and development of our professional customers. With an impressive background in sales, marketing, and business development, Danny provides a great deal of experience that allows us to further our dedication to our professional partners. To contact Danny directly, please email him at danny@adcohearing.com 


In the early 1950's, a hearing aid dispenser by the name of Carl Hoffman founded Acousticon Hearing Aids of Denver. Through his own experience and dispensing practice, Carl realized there was a need for an "On-the-Spot” solution for earmolds and modifications. Since patients typically lived many miles from hearing aid dispensers, most specialists had to make house calls, driving several miles to test and fit clients for a hearing aid.  After the mold came back from the lab, it often didn’t fit right.  There was also a pressing need for a temporary earmold and for modifying the fit of an earmold or hearing aid.  Hoffman’s first product, ADCOmold was developed to allow hearing healthcare professionals to make an instant earmold. Because ADCOmold became the client’s permanent mold, without the intervening process of factory manufacturing, the fit was always perfect.  The first of its kind in the industry, ADCOmold was patented and soon began to gain worldwide attention.  The products to follow, ADCObuild, ADCOaddon, ADCOment, and ADCOsheen were also created for the same purpose of providing instant and on-the-spot solutions for repairs and modifications.  Carl named his new products and company ADCO (short for Acousticon Denver Company).

About 30 years later ADCO was transformed into ADCO Hearing Products when the company was sold to Lynn Stambaugh and Pat Schurott. During this time, the product selection was expanded to include a vast selection of communication products for the Deaf and hard of hearing, as well as a number of gifts, novelty, and educational items. By focusing on providing services and solutions that empowered customers to communicate freely and effectively without barriers, the company transformed into the ADCO Hearing Products that is widely known today.

In 2014 the company was sold to the current owners, Abby Armijo and Jim Guiffre, maintaining the family-owned status for this amazing small business. As an Army veteran, Abby has a strong connection to the many VA clinics, hospitals, and facilities that the company serves, with a great appreciation for the service that these facilities provide and the Veterans they support. Her experience in operations and marketing provides an excellent foundation for ADCO to build on its tradition of offering its clients useful, liberating products. Combined with Jim’s vast knowledge in accounting, finance, and operations, this new ownership has set the stage for a new chapter in ADCO’s history as the company experiences record growth and positive reinforcement from our valued customers.  

As a company, ADCO is dedicated to the continued support of the Veterans Affairs facilities and all of the Veterans who rely on their services. Additionally, as the number of Audiologists, medical professionals, hearing aid dispensers and hearing instrument specialists continues to increase, we are constantly working towards increasing our already vast selection of clinical suppliesamplified products, and communications solutions to better serve our customers. As the company continues to evolve, our focus is now on providing an even greater level of service to our customers along with a larger product selection in order to meet the needs of our professional and retail customers alike. We greatly appreciate the feedback that we receive daily from our fans and customers, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or feedback that you may have, as your input helps us to better serve you and our community as a whole.

As of 2015, ADCO Hearing Products has been a CVE certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We are proud to continue our support of the Veterans Affairs health services, to help facilitate the availability of important assistive devices for veterans, and be a part of the SDVOSB community.  


In 2017 we have gone one step further in our focus to provide superior customer service and product knowledge to our loyal customers. Our entire staff is trained to assist you with even the most complex questions - we encourage you to contact us at any time.

We are your friends and partners in hearing healthcare and look forward to working with you. 






If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we will help you find the perfect replacement.

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